Ath Pavura

LIIN is the proud co-owner of Ath Pavura, the world's first TV reality program that brings together high net-worth individuals looking to invest and social entrepreneurs looking for an investment.

I Need Investment

If you have a business idea that can solve a social or environmental problem, if you are already running a social enterprise or if you are a donor-funded entity trying to become self-sustainable, you’ve come to the right place. Register here and get your project funded by our network of investors.

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If you are a business leader or a working professional looking to invest in something meaningful and drive social and environmental impact, you’ve come to the right place. Register here and help us create thriving social enterprises in Sri Lanka with your investments.

Lanka Impact Investing Network

We are a group of experienced professionals with the shared vision of building a thriving social enterprise sector in Sri Lanka. We have identified the need for a dedicated impact investment company which will support the emerging social enterprise sector in Sri Lanka. Together we aspire to provide knowledge and financial capital to social enterprises that are small to medium in size, which will address pressing social and environmental issues across Sri Lanka.

Ath Pavura is a pioneering TV reality show that promotes social entrepreneurship in Sri Lanka by providing the opportunity of a lifetime to existing social entrepreneurs. The show allows social entrepreneurs to showcase their enterprise on TV to a wider audience and secure investment to advance to the next phase of their business curve.

It brings about connectivity between the “hidden” entrepreneurs scattered around the country, who are already engaged in solving social and environmental problems, as well as a group of passionate investors who are excited to invest and kick-start their businesses.

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What is the Social Credit Score

Your Social Credit Score is a numeric representation of your investments towards Social Entrepreneurship and your online involvement with social causes. Check yours here!

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Social Credit Score

In a perfect world, your worthiness would be measured not by your financial history alone, but by the impact your actions have on society and the environment that you cohabit. At LIIN, everything we do is aimed towards creating a better world; which is why the investments you make towards Social Entrepreneurship, as well as your online involvement with social causes is measured and represented as your Social Credit Score.

Feel Good, Create a Better World Increase your Social Credit Score.