LIIN and WUSC Host Kurunegala Phase of Their Regional Entrepreneurship Development Forum Series

Posted Date : September 10, 2022

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During Dr. Nirmal de Silva address...

LIIN, WUSC, and the Government of Canada (GAC) organized the fifth phase of their Regional Entrepreneurship Development Forum Series that was recently held in Kurunegala.

With the primary objective of uplifting women, youth, and differently-abled regional entrepreneurs, Lanka Impact Investing Network (LIIN) organized this series of workshops in North, East, Central and Southern provinces in collaboration with the World University Service of Canada (WUSC) and Government of Canada (GAC). Hence, the fifth workshop was thus allocated to the northwestern province.

Accordingly, the forum was successfully held on September 6th at the Kurunegala Industrial Services Bureau (ISB) with the participation of over 120 regional entrepreneurs. An Award-Winning Business Leader, Dr. Nirmal de Silva was the main resource person of the program, and the theme was to provide a gateway to digital marketing and the guidance needed to run businesses successfully in the current economic crisis. Here, the Executive Director of the Industrial Services Bureau, Mr. Neelakanth Wanninayake, and other staff made a strong contribution to the organization of the workshop.

The core project, which comprises these forums, aims to build a platform with an ‘Inclusive Entrepreneurship’ focus. In other words, the foundation of this idea is to establish the conditions necessary for everyone to launch and manage a business of their choice, free from the impact of individual backgrounds and quirks. The project is also anticipated to expand the ‘Entrepreneurial Culture’, which is largely restricted to the Western Province.

Accordingly, so far through this series of forums, the total number of micro, small and medium-scale entrepreneurs connected with the project is more than 270. Thereby, a central digital platform (Digital Hub) will shortly be built, and a chosen number of those entrepreneurs will be given access to it.

Their entrepreneurial stories in documentary format will be housed on this central digital platform, which will also connect them with business mentors, open up domestic and international markets, connect them with financial institutions and investors, and connect them with service providers. The issues that the underprivileged regional entrepreneurs encounter will all have a digital answer as a result.